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🧧无所得 No Objective Gain

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前一节,7.5.1 æ²»ç–—恩怨情仇病 Treatment of Mental Illness-https://web.6parkbbs.com/index.php?app=forum&bbsid=2191&act=view&tid=4315554

Eve Liu asked me: "What do you think about what people can get in life?"
I replied: "People die like lights out, and there is no subject that is capable to gain! But people leave their names behind, and geese leave their sounds!"

Eve Liu replied: "I also think so. Things are impermanent and people die like a lamp going out, this clause talks about life without gain, all laws are empty, and there is no sin or fortune (Note 1). My dad said that the liberating power of gainless is very great, and it is wisdom of transcending mundaneness. People who are dying love to hear this and are happy to hear it. If you're saying goodbye to someone who's dying and only have a chance to say one sentence, say this. This clause revolves around no gain."

注7.5.2-1,日常人的每一个行为都会产生业习气,因此有罪和福的业报(即报应)。读者当知,本文的谈话对象是个将死之人。死人无受,故 “无罪无福”。但,人的生命分为智慧生命和身命(即形体寿命)两部分。智慧生命如发明创造,所撰写的书籍,名声等;形体命终后,智慧生命还会生存多年,甚至千年。形体会腐朽,化成泥土和青烟,不会变得什么都没有。
Note 7.5.2-1, every behavior of ordinary people will produce habitual karma, so there will be sinful and fortunate karmic recompenses (i.e. retribution). The reader should be aware that the person in this article is talking to a dying person. The dead have no acceptance, so "no sin, no fortune”. However, human life can be divided into two parts: intellectual life and physical life. Intelligent life such as inventions, books written, reputation, etc.; after the death of the physical body, intelligent life will survive for many years, even thousands of years. The flesh body will decay and turn into soil and smoke, but it will not become nothing.

There is this saying in the Buddhist scriptures. 1. Prajna (i.e. gnosis) has nothing to gain, 2. Paramita (i.e. arriving at another shore, Arrival Ark, Noah’s Ark) has nothing to gain, 3. Bodhisattva (i.e. real human) gain nothing, and 4. Mahasattva (i.e. Buddha, God, and Goddess) has gained nothing. Intelligence and Gnosis have gained nothing because there is no factual nature.

2 慧眼 Gnostic Eye

Eve Liu asked me: "They say that when people die, they can go wherever they want. What do you think?"
I replied: "That is because the person has no breathing, still has thought activities, and has entered a state of hallucination. The image in his imagination is the hallucinational environment. When he wants to go somewhere, his Think immediately fetches the image of the destination; the hallucinational state immediately changes into the destinate environment becomes the destination, therefore he has been instantly translocated to where he wants to go.”

Eve Liu thought for a while and said: "I have listened to my dad since I was a child, but I never thought like you said before. I think you are right; I thought wrong before."
I said: "I heard that these few sentences of Transcendently Ferry are very special. Some people cannot open their mouth to say them. People must say them according to what is written in the book, without mistaking a single word. What did your father say?"

她说:“我爸说,不能用书上的话,不能用你自己的话,你要用对方的话给对方讲明白。但是,我懂你的意思,我想想我爸是怎么说的,给你找几个话题。” 她走到了一边去想,不说话了。
She said: "My dad said, you can't use the words in the book, you can't use your own words. You must use the opponent’s words to explain it clearly to he or her. But I understand what you mean. I want to think about what my dad said and find several topics for you." She walked aside to think about it and stopped talking.

我等得着急,就几次过去提醒她,换了几种说法:“这事要从外界都是内心的投影考虑。比如在这里,就在这儿,依心,即这棵树,为中心,来投射外界(环境1)。” 我一边说,一边对她做着肢体的表示。“你向外看。忽然,你看见了那座雕像,心想:那是什么?”我拉她来到了雕像旁,说:“就与此同时,大脑把那座雕像放大了,新的世界相应地生成了(环境2)。你忽略我们来到这里的过程,幻觉世界里,这过程是一刹那就完成的。我们从以那棵树为中心的世界(环境1)来到了以这个雕像为中心的世界(环境2);这就是幻觉世界里的瞬间变化:想去哪儿去哪儿(即瞬间转移,亦作天腿通,如图15.2.2-38)。”
I was waiting impatiently, so I went over to remind her several times and changed my words: "This matter must be considered from the outside world as a projection of the heart. For example, right here, with the heart, that is, this tree, as the center, to project the outside world (Environment 1)." I said while making physical gestures to her. "You looked outside. Suddenly, you saw the statue and thought: What is that?" I pulled her to the statue and said: "At the same time, the brain magnified the statue, and the new world (Environment 2) is generated accordingly. You ignore the process of us getting here. In the world of hallucination, this process is completed in an instant, from the world centered on the tree (Environment 1) to the world centered on this statue (Environment 2). It is an instantaneous change in the world of hallucination: you can go wherever you want (i.e. instant transfer, teleportation, see fig."

She suddenly said: "I remembered! Didn't I think of my dad when I saw you? It has been two or three times. I finally found out how similar you two are. When talking about this, my dad is just like you, always speaking from different angles, giving different examples, and showing pictures at the same time. In this regard, you two are the same."

注7.5.2.2-1,天眼是如图7.5.2.2-1至8的经历。作者我小时候练过气功(参见第12章《禅 https://web.6parkbbs.com/index.php?app=forum&act=view&tid=4280446》),经历过,所以我能思考幻觉世界里的现象如天腿通(图38),他心通(图37),天耳通等。这种知识,佛教中称作慧,亦作慧眼。慧眼是个心眼儿,从喻得名。刘健君没有足够的幻觉经历,慧根(天眼)有缺失,所以她不能思考幻觉世界里的事。另外,人的语言形成之前必须有完备的思想环境,刘健君的思想取不到现象,头脑中不能形成幻觉环境,所以她不能开口说话(见下文),来谈论幻境。

Note, Celestial Eye is the experience shown in Figures to 8. The author, I practiced meditation (see Chapter 12 "Meditation") and experienced it when I was a child, so I can think about phenomena in the hallucinational world, such as Celestial Leg (Figure 38), Reading Other Heart (Picture 37), Celestial Ear, etc. This kind of knowledge is called Gnosis in Buddhism, also known as the Gnostic Eye. Gnostic Eye is a “heart eye”, gets its name from the metaphor. Eve Liu did not have enough hallucinational experience so her gnostic root (Celestial Eye) was deficient, so she could not think about affairs in the hallucination world. In addition, there must be a complete inner mental environment before the formation of human language. Eve Liu's mind cannot obtain hallucinational phenomena, so the hallucination environment cannot be formed in her mind, so she cannot speak (see below) to talk about phenomena of hallucinations.

3 刘健君不能说 Eve Liu can’t Say.

刘健君说:“我知道你们俩没见过,我就说你们俩的动作、表情和说话的方式相像。好了,现在我来想他说过什么!” 忽然,她转身跑了。
I replied: "What are you thinking! I've never met your father; how could I behave like him!"
Eve Liu said: "I know you two have never met, so I just said that your movements, expressions and ways of speaking are similar. Okay, now let me think about what he said!" Suddenly, she turned and ran away.

I chased after her, found that she was afraid of me, was about to cry. I stood far away and asked: "What's wrong? What are you afraid of?"
She said: "When I heard my dad tell it before, I thought it was strange, and it sounded like it is true. Then I realized that you both have been there!"

I came to my senses and said: "Aren't we talking about hallucinations? Even if I have been the world of death and came back, I am not dead!"
When she came back, she said: "Just now, I thought wrong again! Now I will tell you what my father said."

I listened carefully, but I couldn't hear her. I got close to her and watched her mouth move, but I couldn't hear it. I leaned forward and put my ear to her mouth, but still couldn't hear. I said anxiously: "You will tell me later, something suddenly happened to my ears, and I couldn't hear the sound.” I started to test my own hearing on the side.
She said: "I didn't make a sound; how could you hear me!"

I realized that I heard it, and when I reacted, I jumped up in anger and shouted: "If you don't speak, why are you moving your lips? Ah! You are teasing me; this is not funny at all!"
She said: "I know it's not funny, and I'm not kidding you. I want to say it, but I can't remember how to say it."
I said: "You have listened to your father telling others since you were a child. You have listened to it at least hundreds of times now. How is it possible that you haven't remembered even a single sentence?"
She replied: "Yes! I feel strange too! What's going on? Why can't I speak! Hey! You are trying to pinch me!"

I did not understand.
Eve Liu added: "Then why can't I say it (see previous note)!?"

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